13-16 6.7 Cummins S300 2nd Gen Install Kit

Bring more power and reliability to your 2013 - 2016 6.7 Cummins with our 2nd Gen Swap Kit ! A correctly sized S300 turbo with good tuning works incredibly well for a daily driver / tow rig and even play on the track ! We have found very low EGT's while towing, great drive pressure ratios and very good fuel economy with this setup. With proper tuning and turbo, a stock fuel 6.7 can make 600 rwhp. This kit will work with any S300 frame turbo that features T4 manifold flange, HX40 outlet, 4" compressor inlet, 3" 90 dgree outlet.

*** This kit is available for SXE turbos as well ***

This is a complete INSTALL kit including:

  • welded aluminum coolant tank with a low level sensor
  • 4" welded aluminum intake w/ MAF & IAT bungs
  • 4" HX40 downpipe w/ clamp
  • 3" aluminum intercooler tube
  • silicone boots
  • all stainless t-bolt clamps
  • billet aluminum fitting and coolant lines to remove EGR coolant riser
  • all necessary clamps, plugs and misc hardware for a clean install
  • INCLUDES 3 piece manifold !
  • braided stainless oil supply and drain lines


All kit are availble raw or powder coated any choice of colors

G & R Diesel

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