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G&R Diesel is the most advanced diesel truck performance and repair shop in Ohio, and we take great pride in that. Our focus is diesel performance and repair on anything from pickups to class 8 trucks. We specialize in turbochargers, complete motor rebuilds, transmissions and fabrication of our own G&R Diesel brand aftermarket performance parts. G&R was founded in Fredericksburg, Ohio in 2008. We saw a need in the industry for a shop that could diagnose and repair ANY issue your diesel truck may encounter. From there we began to grow rapidly into what is now the most complete diesel only shop around.

With our certified and highly professional staff and mechanics at G&R, we are able to fill the needs of any customers with diesel trucks. That can be from a routine inspection or oil change to a full competition high horsepower motor build with a Stage 5 Transmission. We can fulfill your full diesel power needs to boost your truck’s overall performance giving you the edge on your competition. 

All of the equipment in our shop is top of the line and up to date with all of the OEM, performance and diagnostic software out there. What makes G&R Diesel the most advanced diesel truck performance and repair shop, as well as unique, is that we design and fabricate our own parts in our machine and fabrication shop. We do not copy our competitor’s parts, we make our own unique parts that outlast and out-perform our competitors. We take pride in putting the customers first and fitting their vehicles up with top of the line premium parts, whether those are fabricated in our own shop or are from other reputable parts manufacturers. We are Proudly Made in the U.S.A. 

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