2019-2022 6.7 Cummins Fuel Filter/ Water Separator Conversion Kit

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This kit will eliminate the stock fuel filter and housing on the driver side of the block and relocate it to the rear frame mounted filter housing, so both fuel filters are in the same location. It also replaces the stock rear frame mounted housing and incorporates both filter and water separator into one unit with a Billet Aluminum housing block.
Each kit will come with the Billet Aluminum filter housing, both fuel and water separator filters, mounting hardware and fuel line port fittings for plug and play installation. The 2019-2022 kit includes an OE sealed electrical connector that caps off the factory connector that gets unplugged from the OE frame mounted filter housing.
An add-on part for the kit will be an optional fuel heater. The fuel heater will include an adapter harness that allows it to plug into the factory harness and utilize the factory fuel heater circuit GRD00188.





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