6.7 Powerstroke Upper Fuel Filter Bypass Block

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If you have an aftermarket fuel pump or filtration system, eliminating the engine mounted fuel filter is a must. The plastic engine mounted filters are known to crack and spray fuel over the engine and many time resulting in a catastrophic fire! Our bypass block allows you to eliminate the engine mounted fuel filter and fuel filter bracket. The bypass block is designed as a direct replacement and does not require and fuel line modification for install. All fittings including the AUX Port Plug are O-ring boss fittings to ensure a 100% guaranteed leak free product!

We have added an additional 8an port that can be used for plumbing addition fuel system components, for fuel system diagnostics and testing or for an auxiliary fuel heater! Kit includes fittings and plugs to be used on 2011-2016 trucks with 2 fuel lines and also on 2017-2023 trucks with 3 lines.

**This engine mounted fuel filter delete block will work for 6.7 Powerstroke years 2011 – 2023**




Part # GRD67PS3005

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