2011-2021 6.7 Powerstroke CP4 Bypass Kit

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One of the most common issues on all 6.7 Powerstroke engines is failure of the CP4 fuel injection pump. In recent years a CP4 Bypass Kit was developed then directly copied by multiple other companies within the diesel industry. After installing some of these kits ourselves, we saw what we thought as many major flaws that needed to be addressed in order for the end user to get the most reliable part for the hard earned money they spend.


Let’s start by the theory behind a CP4 Bypass Kit. It is very simple and effective!

In the OEM injection system design, fuel is fed into the injection pump via one channel that feeds the pump case first, then the fuel travels from the case to the plungers. So as the rotating assembly in the case begins to fail and produces debris, that debris is then sent to the injectors causing massive failure that requires the complete fuel system to be replaced! As this is happening, this contaminated fuel is also being returned to the fuel tank, contaminating the complete fuel supply system. As you can imagine, this causes $1000’s in damage!

After installing a CP4 Bypass Kit, The CNC machined pump adapter that gets bolted to the injection pump brings fresh clean fuel from the supply system into the pump. As the fuel enters the pump adapter block, it is separated into 2 channels. The first channel supplies fuel to the case of the pump while the second channel supplies fuel to the plungers, ultimately ending up being pressurized and pushed to the injectors. By separating the fuel and blocking any pump case fuel from getting into the plungers of the pump, you can rest assured that the injectors are always getting clean fuel, even as the CP4 pump is failing! Replacing the injection pump ONLY, drastically reduces the cost of repair!

Click the link to see how we address the issue of contaminated fuel being returned to the fuel tank:    6.7 Powerstroke Fuel Return Filter


The majority, if not all CP4 Bypass kit on the market utilize rubber fuel lines and/or require you to cut and connect to the factory steel fuel lines. Rubber fuel lines are subject to heat damage and tend to crack/ dry rot over years of use. Combining failed rubber fuel lines, 70psi fuel pressure and exhaust manifolds only inches away is a recipe for disaster. The question is not IF these lines fail, it is WHEN will they fail! Cutting the existing steel fuel lines impose a massive risk of introducing metal debris into the fuel system. This is all done post filter so any debris WILL be sent directly to the injection pump!

Addressing these obvious issues was our number one priority when we developed our CP4 Bypass Kit. Our CP4 Bypass Kit is 100% direct drop in, plug and play installation. Designed for superior fitment and longevity, we utilize a stainless-steel custom bent tube with CNC machined stainless banjo tube ends and banjo bolts. By doing this, we eliminate ALL rubber hoses from the bypass kit and eliminate ANY need for cutting fuel lines! Our CP4 will fit 2011- 2021 6.7 Powerstrokes!


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