6.7 Powerstroke 2011-2016 Fuel Return Filter Kit

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As we were designing our CP4 Bypass kit, we decided to take a deeper look at the fuel return filter concept. Like the CP4 Bypass Kit, the concept is a great idea but we saw a lot of room for improvement in the design.  We decided that it made more sense to mount the return filter onto the factory fuel conditioning module bracket, then drilling holes in the cowl and mounting in the already very clutter engine bay. Like all our products, our goal is to make this as simple, easy and effective as possible. Our return filter kit can be installed in literally 5 minutes! No drilling and no cutting hoses in most applications. The billet filter head clamps onto the OEM fuel conditioning module via 2 serrated set screws ensuring that it will be along for the ride! A short fuel hose with OE type quick connect fittings, connects the billet filter head to the factory return port on the fuel conditioning module.

Our fuel return filter kit will ensure that all the contaminated fuel from a failed CP4 injection pump is trapped in the filter and eliminates the need for cleaning or replacing any fuel supply system components.

The return filter system utilizes a common Racor Fuel Filter element that cross references to many other filter brands and is readily available from most parts stores.

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